Top 5 Sex-Harmful Professions

Find a list of professions that negatively affect the basic instinct. There are certain important criteria:

  • working conditions;
  • professional habits;
  • level of stress;
  • the number of divorces among the colleagues.

The results of the researches are disappointing:

  • Business gurus

Constant sitting, quick lunch and constant rush are the norm businessmen and office workers. And if we add to this list a competition, instability in the stock markets and state bureaucracy, the situation will be more complete. In general, this is total stress and no time for videos porno. And indeed, when life turns into a continuous struggle for assets and a race up the career ladder, there is no time, love and sex. Besides, some successful top managers, who had time to taste all the delights of the consumer boom, suffer sex phobia. They attract young divas more by bank account.

  • Men in uniform

Many women love the military people, treating them like performers from videos porno. However, tough service, strict discipline, and monotonous food can completely deprive these strongmen of the ability to enjoy the company of ladies. Especially it’s hard with sailors, who, even going ashore after a long voyage, cannot part with the stereotype that a woman on the ship is a bad omen. There is even a special medical term of “impotence of the sailor.”

Law enforcement officials are also a bad story. After a hard day’s work, they return home only for deep sleep.

  • Art people

Representatives of creative professions also have their own difficulties: all their energy completely goes to prove their genius to the public. However, as you know, you cannot be a poet, but you must lead a bohemian lifestyle. And if relations with rock and roll and drugs still somehow add up, then sometimes there are problems with sex. Which again is not surprising: any doctor can confirm that irregular sex life, casual relationships and the syndrome of unrecognized genius kill all desires at the root.

  • Sportsmen

It would seem that athletes who serve as a model for a healthy lifestyle should not have any potency problems. But this is not quite true: exhausting workouts, a strict regime, and obsessive thoughts about gold medals do not leave much strength for records in bed. The constant competitions leave no time to look for a permanent partner. Meanwhile, irregular sex life and casual relationships, according to experts, is one of the causes of bad lovemaking, not to mention injuries and subsequent intensive treatment, which take away from the athletes the last hope for restoring the basic instinct.

  • Workers

It’s widely believed that the working class is not inclined to reflection. Hard work, regular weightlifting and at least regular drinking of strong alcohol in a male company are clearly not contributive to love marathons. And if the production is also harmful, for example, associated with a sharp temperature drop or toxic exhaust, then you can forget about love affairs in general. In addition, do not think that physical work does not involve emotional pressure: rescuers, firefighters, industrial climbers, and miners will surely have something to say about this.

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